Lady A Launches New Musical Chapter With ‘Love You Back’ [WATCH]

Lady A has a new song out, and it’s from a new album. The trio, made up of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, just released “Love You Back,” from their next project, which follows their What A Song Can Do record, out in 2021.

In spite of all three Lady A members being talented writers, neither of them has a songwriting credit on their new single, which was written by James McNair, Lindsay Rhimes, and Emily Weisband. Still, they all knew as soon as they heard “Love You Back” that it was the perfect way to introduce their next record.

“When we first heard ‘Love You Back,’ we knew immediately it was such a great fit for us,” Lady A says in a statement. “Heartbreak is something almost everyone has experienced and this song describes that experience in a whole new way. We’ve loved seeing how fans react to the song and to now share the official version with everyone is really special!”

Lady A are currently on their Request Line Tour, which was postponed from 2022 when Kelley went into rehab to overcome his addiction to alcohol. Kelley has, fortunately, emerged stronger after becoming sober, which changed the entire dynamic of the band, for the better.

“Charles is nine or ten months in right now to his journey to sobriety, and he’s just doing amazing,” Haywood told the Chicago Sun-Times in April. “I’m so proud of him as a bandmate, but more so as a friend.”

Haywood also wrote As Far As You Could,”  Kelley’s goodbye letter to alcohol, with Kelley and Jimmy Robbins.

“I have to give so many props for Charles and his vulnerability and his bravery to share what he’s been through with the world,” Haywood praised. “I don’t know if I have a friend that I’ve spoken to that hasn’t indirectly or directly been impacted by addiction.”

Kelley just celebrated one year of sobriety, a monumental task that is just the beginning of his new, healthier lifestyle.

“Sometimes at night, I feel I’m overtherapized. I don’t want my life to become completely about sobriety,” Kelley told The Tennessean. “On the flip side, I feel like I have a responsibility to share with my peers or with anyone that there is hope. You can literally change the trajectory of your life by doing this [recovery work]. Is it going to be hard? Yes.”

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