Lady A Shares the Story Behind ‘Like a Lady’

Lady A is back at radio with an uptempo new single, “Like a Lady.” The song, from an upcoming new album, was written by Hillary Scott, along with Dave Barnes, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson and Brandon Paddock.

“One of the writers on the song I’ve been friends with and written with, and is a friend of Lady A, Dave Barnes,” Scott shared with Everything Nash and other outlets at a virtual media event. “But the other three writers, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson and Brandon Paddock, the three of them I’d never worked with before. I got put together with them from our publisher. And it was so much fun. I mean, we wrote this early in the fall, I think it was September.

“It was just one of those where, when you’re writing for the first time with people you’ve never worked with before, it’s kind of like a blind date,” she adds. “You’re just kind of getting to know each other, and then just hoping in this case for a creative connection.”

All five writers quickly latched onto the idea of “Like a Lady,” which started with a track brought in by Johnson and Paddock.

“The second I heard it, I was like, ‘This has female anthem written all over it,'” Scott recalls. “And so we just really dug into that goal of hoping to to really craft and write a song that would just celebrate what it’s like to be a woman and a lady. And we were off to the races.”

“Like a Lady” might be a female anthem, but it quickly earned the hearty approval of her fellow bandmates, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, especially as the trio plans to, hopefully, hit the road later this year.

“Hilary sent that to Charles and I. and immediately I was transported to the stage, the summer amphitheaters we get to do in country music and we all love,” Haywood said. “I think this is the song that that is hoping to propel us towards the end of the pandemic and getting some positive music out there to let us start getting ready for buying tickets and getting ready for shows. That’s our hope. We’re waiting for a green light for that.

“But if we’re able to do that, we’re hoping this song will be the one that gets us there,” he continued. “I mean, we haven’t even had a chance to tour ‘Champagne Night‘ yet either, which is pretty crazy to think about. But, I’m so proud of Hillary. I love Charles and I and all of our masculinity loves singing along and singing harmonies to this tune. It’s such a jam and so proud of our girl, our leading lady on this one. She crushes it.”