LANCO Announces Release of the ‘Next Chapter’ With ‘Low Class Lovers’

It’s been more than four years since LANCO burst onto the country music scene, with their debut Hallelujah Nights album. The record included their No. 1 single, “Greatest Love Story” and Top 20 hit, “Born to Love You.”

Since then, the five-man group, led by lead singer Brandon Lancaster, released more music, including “Rival” and “What I See,” but remained largely quiet — until now. LANCO reveals they have new music coming out next week. with “Low Class Lovers.”

“In 2018, we released our debut album, with Hallelujah Nights,” Lancaster shared in a video. “That album did more for us than we could have ever imagined. It took us all around the world, put us on countless stages in front of millions of people. We even ended up on TV. It introduced us to artists in the country community, artists that would go on to become our friends, and friends that we would share some wild nights with. More importantly, it introduced us to our fans. Fans who connected with the troublemaker and an all-American girl. Our stories of chasing down the night and hunting down a dream. Stories of finding somebody who makes us search around the world for something else — nothing but a fool’s errand.”

Lancaster wed his wife, Tiffany, a school teacher, in 2017. Their relationship served as the inspiration for “Greatest Love Story,” but Lancaster had yet to share more about their relationship, including now becoming parents of a little girl in 2020 — until now.

“This was my story that became ours, that became yours,” Lancaster shares. “But then something happened. People wanted the next chapter. And I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t write it. I couldn’t write it because I hadn’t lived it. At the time, we had nothing. Nothing except time to build relationships, reignite friendships, learn lessons, some of them the hard way. Face loss, fear. But in it we found hope. We found love. We found strength. And we found songs.”

LANCO toured with Miranda Lambert, on her Wildcard Tour, with some of the dates being forced to be rescheduled because of the pandemic. In that time, Lancaster found the time and creativity to bare more of his soul, which comes out in “Low Class Lovers.”

“We’ve released music since that first album,” Lancaster says. “Music we’re proud of. But if you ever wanted what happened after I asked her to say yes, well here’s the next chapter to the story. My story. Our story. And maybe, once again, your story.”

“Low Class Lovers” will be released on April 29. It is currently available for pre-order here.