Loretta Lynn Praises Carly Pearce After Grand Ole Opry Induction

Loretta Lynn is singing the praises of Carly Pearce, after Pearce was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Pearce, who debuted “Dear Miss Loretta” on the Opry stage, also sang the song during her induction ceremony, which Lynn applauded on social media.

“Even before I heard [Carly Pearce] singing her song ‘Dear Miss Loretta,’ I knew she was going to be a big star,” Lynn posted. “Nobody loves the [Opry] more than me and I’m proud they made her part of the family.”

Pearce is joined by Patty Loveless on “Dear Miss Loretta,” which is on her upcoming 29: Written in Stone album. Pearce originally asked Loveless to sing on another song, “Easy Going,” from the new set of tunes, with Loveless asking if she could sing on “Dear Miss Loretta” instead.

“She was like, ‘I saw Carly sing on the Opry the other night with this song called ‘Dear Miss Loretta.’ Can I sing on that?’” Pearce recounted to Everything Nash. “All of those things coming into play: she was watching the Opry. She actually asked if she could sing on that song. She loves Loretta, like I do. They’re actually family members, distant family members. They were all from Kentucky. I never saw that as a duet. But then it was like, ‘Oh, this is exactly what this is supposed to be.’”

Pearce also has another duet on 29: Written in Stone. The Kentucky native joins with Ashley McBryde for a song, “Never Wanted To Be That Woman.”

“I think that what’s so cool about this song is it is two women that never meet in the song,” Pearce shares. “We never meet, but we’re experiencing something so similar. “It almost wrote itself in the room, of her perspective, to my perspective. It’s something that I think a lot of women go through and deal with.”

Pearce released the telling 29 EP earlier this year, adding eight new songs for the upcoming project, and co-writing all 15 songs on the record.

“I’m just really proud of this music,” Pearce boasts. “It is the first time I’ve written everything. And as an album, I feel like it is a true representation of who I always wanted to be.”

Pre-order 29: Written in Stone here.