Luke Combs Praises Chris Stapleton For Making Room For Him in Country Music

Luke Combs lost the recent Entertainer of the Year trophy at the ACM Awards to Chris Stapleton, not that he minded much. The “Love You Anyway” singer credits Stapleton with making room for other kinds of music, including the music that Combs makes.

“When I moved to town, it was just the sound was different,” Combs told Access. “Everybody was rocking different getups, and I just kind of did my thing. I really think a guy like Chris Stapleton knocked a lot of doors down, just for somebody different. Bigger guy, beard, a burly kind of guy. That really kicked down the door for a lot of guys, I think, myself included.”

Combs has a lot on his mind besides awards. The 33-year-old and his wife, Nicole, have a ten-month-old at home, son Tex Lawrence, and will welcome another boy this fall. Fortunately, he has nearby help, if he needs it.

“Luckily, my best friend lives ten minutes from me, from high school,” Combs says. “He had two under two. … I call him a lot.”

By his own admission, Combs knows life will be a bit chaotic when the couple’s second son arrives.

“Two under two is gonna be interesting,” Combs told Entertainment Tonight. “We’re just raising the first one. And then one day it will be two of them. It’s not much time to worry about anything when you got a ten-month-old at home.”

Combs honored Nicole last weekend, as she celebrated her first Mother’s Day.

I’ve gotten to spend the last 11 months watching this incredible woman become the most amazing mother in the world. She…

Posted by Luke Combs on Sunday, May 14, 2023


“I’ve gotten to spend the last 11 months watching this incredible woman become the most amazing mother in the world,” Combs wrote on social media. “She is strong, patient, kind, and I’m so lucky to live my life alongside her. I love you babe. Happy first Mother’s Day.”

Combs might be on his global World Tour right now, but his first priority remains his growing family.

“I spend a lot of my time at home, really,” Combs says. “We’re on tour now, but we, for the most part, play one show a week. So, the rest of the week I’m at home, changing diapers, cooking dinner, I’m just doing the most normal of things unless I’m on stage in front of however many thousands of people. I know that sounds insane. But that’s genuinely what I love doing. I want to be my son’s dad. I want to be my wife’s husband, because I think living as normal of a life as possible is of paramount importance for me personally.”

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