Luke Combs And Wife Nicole Expecting Their Second Baby

Luke Combs‘ 2023 is about to get a lot busier. The Grand Ole Opry member, who is a proud father to nine-month-old son, Tex Lawrence, announces on social media that his wife, Nicole, is pregnant with their second baby, also a boy, due in September.

Combs shared the news by posting a series of photos of the family of three, with Tex wearing a shirt that says “Big Brother,” and accompanied by Combs’ new song, “Take You With Me.” He captioned the video by saying, “Joining the 2 under 2 club! Baby boy #2 coming this September!!”

The North Carolina native has been vocal about his love of being a dad, which takes a high priority over his busy career.

“I think the thing that blew me away most was how much of a serotonin dump there is, just looking at a picture of him on my phone or getting a picture from my wife or a little video of my wife,” Combs said on SiriusXM’s The Highway. “It just makes my whole day. It can make you feel instantly amazing just seeing them in their little chair, bouncing around or whatever they are doing. It’s amazing, something so simple.

“It almost feels like in a way that I am a kid again, because there aren’t things when you’re 30 years old that are just so small of things that can make you so gratified and so happy,” he added. “I think a child’s laughter or a smile from your kid, it just melts you.”

Combs Gettin’ Old album will be out on Friday, March 24. The 18-track record includes “Take You With Me,” “5 Leaf Clover” and his current single, “Love You Anyway.” It was becoming a parent that at least partly inspired both Growin’ Up, released last June, and Gettin’ Old.

“[It’s] really, where I feel like I am,” Combs told his record label. “I’m not getting old, but I’m not growing up anymore. I’m a dad now. I’ve reached a pretty awesome level of success in my career. It’s just this crazy juxtaposition. That’s where I feel like I am. When I’m home, I’m changing diapers, and when I’m not home, I’m onstage performing in front of thousands of people. It’s just so crazy different. And that’s where a lot of these songs kind of came from, is that headspace of just feeling that way.”

Combs will embark on his World Tour in March 25 in Arlington, Texas, and will play in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and more, before wrapping up on October 19 in the UK. Riley GreenLainey Wilson, Flatland Cavalry and Brent Cobb will serve as the opening acts for some dates, with Cody Johnson and Lane Pittman taking over opening act duties for some of the overseas dates as well.

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