Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Her ‘Wonderfully Ordinary’ Life

Carrie Underwood might have eight Grammys, sell out massive arenas all over the world, and be one of country music’s biggest superstars, but she insists she really is like everyone else. The 40-year-old, who will resume her  REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency next month, focuses on her life at home, married to Mike Fisher and a mother to sons Isaiah and Jacob, at least when she isn’t performing.

“I love my role as a mom and wife,” Underwood tells VEGAS. “In addition to what I get to do on stage, I go to baseball practice. It’s wonderfully ordinary, and I love that. In a lot of ways, I lead a double life. I’m mom at home, and then I fly away to Vegas or to go on tour.”

When not on the road or in Sin City, Underwood works on her own land, preferring to do it herself than to hire other people to do it for her.

“I do very much enjoy gardening and homesteading,” reveals the singer. “We grow fruits, like apples and peaches, and I feel like I’m always making something, like mead, out of honey. It’s really cool when people come over, and you can serve them bread that you made or some hard apple cider from your orchard. I like doing stuff like that. And my husband enjoys grilling. He’s a hunter, so everything in our freezers and fridge is pretty much things we’ve gathered ourselves, which is pretty cool.”

Even when she is performing, like in Las Vegas, Underwood lives as ordinary of a life as possible, including doing her own grocery shopping.

“That’s one of the great things about Vegas in general — you can go and stay at your preferred place, and everything you need is right there,” Underwood explains. “I might pop into a restaurant if my husband’s in town, but I kind of keep to myself. For the most part, I just go to the grocery store because I enjoy having my own food around me. If I eat room service all the time, I’m not going to be able to fit into my tour clothes!”

Underwood rose to fame in 2005 as the Season 4 winner of American Idol. Now one of the most successful Idol contestants of all time, rivaled only perhaps by Kelly Clarkson, the “Out Of That Truck” singer credits her success to her own integrity and drive as much, if not more, than her talent.

“I feel like I picked up very early on that there’s no substitution for hard work,” Underwood maintains. “I picked up so many things from the incredible people that worked on Idol, many of [whom] I still work with today. You go out and you hustle; you try to complain as little as possible and put your all into everything. And at some point, you’ll be able to look back and see that the hard work paid off.”

With nearly two decades behind her already, and a long and promising career ahead of her, the Grand Ole Opry member hopes people recognize that it was far more than just her powerful voice that got her to where she is today.

“Looking back on my career, I hope people will take away that we worked hard,” Underwood says.  “We had an intention with everything that we did, we put a lot of love and care into our shows, and we always gave the music our all.”

Underwood’s REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency, held at Resorts World Theatre, will resume on June 16, will select dates throughout the remainder of the year, wrapping up on December 16. Find all of Underwood’s music and upcoming shows, including her Las Vegas dates, at

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