Mike Huckabee Receives 2020 Charlie Daniels Patriot Award

Mike Huckabee is the latest recipient of the 2020 Charlie Daniels Patriot Award. The former Governor received the honor during his popular TBN show, Huckabee, after the singer’s longtime manager, and co-founder of The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project, David Corlew, appeared to discuss the nonprofit. Charlie Daniels, Jr. then appeared to present the award to the talk show host, who was later also congratulated by Daniels’ widow, Hazel.

“Charlie Daniels may not be with us, but his legacy will always be with us,” Huckabee said. “His authentic appreciation for our veterans resulted in The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project that will continue helping veterans assimilate back home from service. TCDJHP surprised me with their award for promoting their project. It was presented to me by Charlie’s beloved Miss Hazel and his son Charlie Daniels, Jr. making it one of the distinct honors of my life.”

“Not only was it an honor to be invited to be a guest on Huckabee but it also provided me the opportunity to complete a mission that Charlie had requested,” added Corlew. “We had many conversations regarding potential recipients prior to his passing. Mike was always a ‘must’ for Charlie. I took it to the first board meeting after the loss of our chairman, boss, and friend. It was a unanimous vote. What made it so special was having Hazel and Charlie Jr. there to participate in the surprise. It was an awesome evening for all, and mission accomplished!”

Huckabee, who is both a musician and a fan of country music, praised the awards’ namesake for his numerous contributions, both to music and his support of veterans.

“Few people have ever left the imprint on our nation, culture and music as Charlie Daniels, and to be connected to him in any way is a privilege,” Huckabee said. “We will listen to Charlie’s music forever and his work to serve our veterans will live forever through The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project.”

Daniels passed away on July 6, at 83 years of age, after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. He will also be honored with a musical tribute at the 2020 CMA Awards.

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