NASCAR’s Natalie Decker Wants to Blaze a Path for Other Women [EXCLUSIVE]

When most people think of NASCAR drivers, it’s usually men that are known for high-adrenaline role. But Natalie Decker hopes to change that perspective. The 23-year-old, who will race in the Daytona Road Course on Saturday, February 20, wants to be an inspiration to other young women, who might also be interested in participating in the male-dominated field.

“It started off as a profession that not a lot of ladies were in, not just as drivers, but as crew chief engineers, and girls working in the shop, and being part of NASCAR,” Decker tells Everything Nash. “There were not very many women. And now as the years go on, more and more girls are coming into the sport, and I’m at a high level in the sport where all the eyes are on me. Everyone’s watching me. And I can show all these young girls and other girls who also might not want to be a driver, but be in NASCAR in some sort of way, my story and how I did it.”

Decker might be focused on her NASCAR career, but she is also focused on sharing her story with others, as much as she can.

“I love when they reach out to me and ask for advice, and want to know more about my story, and feel more connected through how I made this career happen for myself,” Decker says of her fans. “It just feels so good to tell them my story and hear what they’re going through with that. We can talk about different types of struggles and relate to each other. And it feels really good to be able to have those conversations with girls.”

Jay DeMarcus‘ Red Street Records is the official sponsor for Decker’s car, with Red Street Records’ artist Jason Crabb, on the car’s hood.

“Immediately I was just taken with Natalie,” DeMarcus tells Everything Nash “Her energy just jumped through the screen. It was unbelievable. We got to speak with her mother and father, and you could tell immediately that it was just a wonderful family, and her roots were really strong. I saw the drive and the passion in her. It reminded me a lot of myself and the work ethic that I appreciate in other people when they go after something they believe in, and achieving their dreams. So we talked about it, we worked it out and immediately pulled the trigger and became a partner with her.”

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