Reba McEntire Celebrates the Holidays With ‘I Needed Christmas’ [LISTEN]

Reba McEntire just dropped what she is calling the “perfect” Christmas song, at least for her. The Grand Ole Opry member released “I Needed Christmas,” part of her Lifetime TV movie,

“My new song ‘I Needed Christmas’ is now available,” McEntire shared on social media last month. “We were looking for the perfect song for my [Lifetime] original movie Reba McEntire’s Christmas In Tune and thanks to the writers Trannie Anderson and Jared Conrad, we found it.”

McEntire’s new movie features her as singer Georgia Winter, who reunites with her former husband and singing partner, Joe (played by John Schneider), for a Christmas concert. McEntire also served as a producer for the movie, which meant she was tasked with finding all of the songs for the TV movie.

“We were looking for songs that people know, that they are familiar with,” McEntire told Parade. “And then new songs, also, that could fit into what’s going on. And so, we had an idea to maybe just let our very talented people here in Nashville know what we were doing, songwriters all across the genres. We said, ‘We’re looking for a Christmas movie song about two people who are estranged but are married. Go.’ And we found it. It was wonderful. I absolutely loved it. Finding the songs and really working with the writers on the script, all of that was part of my job as a producer.”

McEntire loves all of the celebrations that surround the holidays, but her favorite part of the season has more to do with her faith than any festivities.

“Jesus’ birthday, absolutely,” McEntire says of why she celebrates Christmas. “That’s always the reason for the season and the celebration and giving thanks for all the wonderful things that we’ve been given throughout the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of blend in together for me on that front.”

McEntire performed “I Needed Christmas” on Good Morning America. Watch her performance here.