Scotty McCreery on Being a Grand Ole Opry Member: ‘I’ll Do It All’

Scotty McCreery will be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. The 30-year-old was invited by Garth Brooks to be part of the Opry, while he was performing as part of the annual Opry Country Christmas series.

McCreery has for years been a regular fixture on the Grand Ole Opry stage, and has made no secret of his desire to someday become a member. Still, although he knew the invitation would likely come at some point, McCreery admits he had no idea it would happen when it did, and by one of his biggest musical inspirations no less.

“I really had no clue,” McCreery tells radio station 94-7 WQDR. “The last few times I’ve played the Opry, it’s always been a goal of mine, so always in the back of my mind, I thought, ‘Is it tonight, by chance?’ I really did not think that at a Christmas show, so seeing Garth walk out, I was like, ‘Oh my word.’ It’s like The Office scene: ‘It’s happening! It’s happening!'”


I have not stopped smiling since last night 😄🙏🤯

Thank you Grand Ole Opry and Garth Brooks!!!

Thank you to all who have believed in me and my music, who’ve come out to the shows, called the radio stations, streamed and bought my music….this would not have happened without all of you!!

Posted by Scotty McCreery on Monday, December 4, 2023


Being a Grand Ole Opry member is a huge honor, but it’s also a huge responsibility, and one that McCreery takes very, very seriously.

“I’ll do it all,” McCreery says. “Whatever they’d like me to do. It’s really just an honor to be up there, and be a member. A lot of my heroes are members there, and played that stage. I’ll be there as much as I can, and parade that around the country, and invite folks out … I’ll be there for the rest of my life.”

Having Brooks be the one to issue the invitation was even more meaningful to McCreery, considering the steps the Country Music Hall of Fame member took to be part of the invitation, flying from Las Vegas just in time for McCreery’s performance.

“[He] flew to Nashville just for the invitation, and he flew back to LA right after it was done, for Jimmy Kimmel,” McCreery shares. “He is all class in my book … He’s always just been so cool to me and the family, for sure.”

Although being invited to be a Grand Ole Opry member is likely the best Christmas present McCreery will receive, he does have other plans for the holidays, celebrating with his wife, Gabi, and one-year-old son, Avery.

“We’re just going to camp out for a few weeks, hanging up in the mountains, praying for snow and drinking lots of hot chocolate,” McCreery reveals. “Lord knows [Avery] does not need any more toys. I’ve already stepped on enough Legos in the middle of the night. He’s going to hopefully have a good time, and I know the family will for sure.”

McCreery will kick off his Cab In A Solo Tour on January 26 in Troy, Ohio. A date for his Grand Ole Opry induction has yet to be announced. His latest single, “Cab In A Solo,” from his forthcoming album, is in the Top 25, and climbing. Find music and tour dates at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry/Chris Hollo