Scotty McCreery Shares the Story Behind His New Single, ‘It Matters To Her’

Scotty McCreery has a new song at radio! The American Idol alum’s single, “It Matters To Her,” is being released on September 12, following his three-week No. 1 hit with “Damn Strait”. The song is from his 2021 Same Truck album.

McCreery previously hinted that “It Matters To Her” was inspired, at least in part, by his love of Brooks & Dunn and their music.

“I think that just kind of randomly happened as far as the nod to Brooks and Dunn, just because I grew up listening to ‘Red Dirt Road’ and ‘Neon Moon’ and all of them,” McCreery shared during a recent media event. “‘I Believe.’ Good gracious. It was kind of the soundtrack to my life growing up, so it makes sense where that influence would come through in this kind of song.”

Brooks & Dunn might get some of the credit for how “It Matters To Her” sounds, but the inspiration behind message in the song comes thanks to his wife, Gabi.

“I’m a lyric guy,” McCreery notes. “I’m a story guy, a message guy. And this story was just us sitting back, talking one day, me and Rhett [Akins] and LeeThomas Miller and just being like, ‘Man, you know what I’m learning? It’s just the littlest things. Like if I go downstairs and just empty the dishwasher, and she doesn’t have to tell me to stop watching golf and go do it, it’s a little thing, but it adds up over time. And I’m learning as a young husband, that’s what adds up and makes the difference.’ And I can still work on it. Like, I still shave and leave my beard hair in the sink. and she yells from downstairs like, ‘What the heck?’ But, it’s a cool song to sing.”

“Damn Strait” marked McCreery’s fifth consecutive No. 1 single. While the father-to-be would like to keep the streak going, he admits that isn’t his first priority.

“I think after the Seasons Change record, after having ‘Five More Minutes,’ ‘In Between,’ ‘This Is It,’ I felt pressure for the next album, with ‘You Time’ and ‘Damn Strait,’ because I was like, ‘Do we have the ‘Five More Minutes’ song?’ … That definitely went through my mind. But at this point, I’m just like, ‘I want to write music that I love, that I know that I believe in and hope people relate to it, and hope it connects. And whatever it does on the charts, it does.  I hope it goes number one. It is awesome. But I just want to believe in the music and love it first and foremost.”

McCreery will celebrate the success of “Damn Strait” with a special show at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas, where Strait’s own legendary career began. The show will take place on September 23. Find all of McCreery’s music and tour dates by visiting his website.

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