Scotty McCreery Teases Romantic New Song, ‘Slow Dance’ [WATCH]

Scotty McCreery has a hit at radio right now with “Cab In A Solo,” the debut single from his forthcoming new album, but now we know another song that is likely on the record. The 30-year-old just posted a clip of a song called “Slow Dance,” one he says shows off his deep, bass voice.

“So I’ve had a lot of folks ask over the years, they say, ‘Scotty, you’ve got this deep voice. Why haven’t you used it on one of your songs, or on one of your records?’ McCreery shares. “I thought about that, and wanted to write a song for you all that have asked that question. I like this song a lot. It’s called ‘Slow Dance.’ I hope you all do too.”


@scottymccreery Here’s a deep voiced, new country song for yall on this fine Wednesday evening #SlowDance #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Scotty McCreery


McCreery has said his new album is very country, a nod to the kind of music he grew up listening to, and still loves today. But the 30-year-old has also a gospel song on the project, in honor of his strong Christian faith.

“It’s just about how, every answer you need is right there in the Good Book, in the Bible,” the North Carolina native says of the song. “I try to dive in and read the Word as best as I can. I’m like everybody who wishes they could do more, but it’s just that kind of song. ‘Hey, if life is going here, if life is going there,’ it applies to those right there. It’s a special song. I loved it when we were writing it. I love how it’s come out in the studio. I think folks will enjoy it.”

McCreery has released five previous albums, including his Christmas with Scotty McCreery in 2012, but says his next set of tunes will be a bit of a departure from anything he has released in the past.

“I’m pumped about this thing,” the multi-platinum singer recently told Everything Nash. “It’s a little different for me, a touch. I feel like a lot of my other records were very autobiographical. This one has a couple of those songs. There’s a song for Avery. There’s a song for Gabi. But we’re kind of going in some different directions on this record. Some heartbreak, and some breakup songs. Some honky-tonking songs, and stuff I really haven’t done before on records.

“But I grew up loving those kinds of songs, so we just kind of let the guitar take us to where it wanted to when we were writing these songs, and this is where we ended up,” he added.

McCreery also just dropped the festive “Feel Like the Holidays” track. He has plenty of dates on the calendar for the remainder of the year. McCreery will embark on his Cab In A Solo Tour early next year, with Anne Wilson serving as direct support for all dates, with Greylan James and Noah Hicks joining McCreery on select dates as well.

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