Thomas Rhett Hints He and Lauren Akins Will Have a Lot More Children

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins are already the proud parents to three little girls, but they likely aren’t done yet. The 30-year-old hints they might have more — a lot more — before they say their family is complete.

“Me and Lauren are just kind of at the point where our house is so chaotic anyway, as we continue to have kids,” Thomas said on the Bobby Bones Show, “I definitely want to have a boy, but I doubt my wife will stop at least until we get to at least five or six. I don’t really have a say, so if Lauren wants six kids, we’re gonna have six kids.”

Thomas has unexpectedly been home this year, instead of on his Center Point Road Tour, which has been a surprising blessing in disguise.

“I would say the first 30, 40 days into quarantine, I was kind of losing my mind, going, ‘I need to play a show. I need to write a song. I need to do something,'” Thomas recounted. “And then one day my wife looked at me and said, ‘Honey, you’re not going to play a show this year. You just need to let it be and relax and be with our family.’ And it’s been really amazing to get to spend this much quality time with my kids.

“This is the most nights in a row I’ve ever gotten to put them to bed, and wake up with them,” he added. “It’s been absolutely amazing, just to get to watch them grow up. As crazy and weird as this year has been, that is definitely a silver lining, just getting to watch my kids grow and getting to really be intentional with my wife.”

Thomas’ recent single, “Be a Light,” became his 16th No. 1 hit. The song, which includes Reba McEntire, Lady A’s Hillary Scott, Keith Urban and Chris Tomlin, was released earlier this year, with proceeds from the song helping those struggling financially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think the song was just a song that needed to be heard by a lot of people, especially going through these weird times,” Thomas explained. “Music can heal people. I believe that. And I’ve definitely watched it first hand with this song, just from comments on social media, or people sending in messages to me, saying, ‘Thank you for the song. It really helped me through a weird time.’ And that’s why we make these in the first place. It’s just to heal, and to make people laugh and dance and help them through a pretty strange time.”

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