Tim McGraw Officially Releases ‘It Wasn’t His Child’

After performing the song during CMA Country Christmas, Tim McGraw has officially released “It Wasn’t His Child,” just in time for the holidays. The song has been a favorite of Tim’s for years, but he never felt the time was right to release it, until now.

“It’s been a crazy year and we’ve worked hard to put out music, knowing how much it can mean and provide solace in difficult times,” Tm says of the song “This is our final chance to thank everyone for sticking with us this year and more importantly, provide some Christmas spirit to you this holiday season.”

The Louisiana native previously explained that it was the message of the song stood out to him the most.

“‘It Wasn’t His Child’ was written by Skip Ewing, who I’m a big fan of,” Tim said of the song. “I’ve known this song since, gosh, the late ’80s I guess, and I’ve performed it several times at Christmas, because it’s always one of my go-to Christmas songs to perform. I always loved it. I love the message and what it says, and the story behind it. It’s just so well-written. Skip’s a great writer.”

Tim and his wife, Faith Hill, will celebrate the holidays at home with their three grown daughters, carrying on the traditions they have held since their children were small.

“It is a little different for us around the holidays, when the girls have grown up,” Tim shares. “We’ve got one left this year, but she’s leaving before Christmas. They’ll all be back around Christmastime. They always like to come home and stay at the house. We do a big tree. We always have Christmas Eve; our family tradition for years has been pasta and spaghetti and meatballs on Christmas Eve.

“That’s sort of my job as dad, is to prepare the spaghetti and meatballs,” he adds. “That’s gonna be a tradition that I’ve had since I was a child, and I hope it carries on with them.”

Download “It Wasn’t His Child” here.