Toby Keith Is Grateful to Celebrate the Holidays: ‘I’m So Blessed’

Toby Keith is eager to embrace 2024. The 62-year-old just wrapped up three sold-out shows, performing Las Vegas, marking his return to performing after taking more than a year off while fighting stomach cancer

“It’s been a tough two years, but I think I’m turning a corner … I don’t know if you’re ever done with it, but I’m trying to be,” Keith said on Audacy’s Katie & Company.

Keith feels extra fortunate this holiday season, because he wasn’t sure he would ever experience another Christmas, after his scary cancer diagnosis.

“It’s special to me because, two years ago when I was diagnosed, we’d just lost a guy,” Keith shared. “There was a guy that said he’d been feeling weird. We were playing golf with him, and he went in, and they said, ‘You got two weeks to live.’ The next month, I get diagnosed, and I’m just thinking about what just happened to that guy; that’s all that’s on my mind. My son was getting married, and his wife didn’t have a father. She asked my son, Stelen, if I’d walk her down the aisle, and I said, ‘Sure.’

“And now I’m a month away from that, and I’m thinking I might not make it that far,” he added. “I didn’t know. When you get diagnosed, you just freak. Here it is two years later … those things are more important than anything. I’m so blessed.”

Keith hints he has a lot planned for next year, including a massive tour.

“It’s on the board,” Keith told Taste of Country Nights, On Demand. “They have got a great plan together, and we’ve built a new set, and we’re getting the trucks and buses fired up. Our plan is to go forward, don’t let this stuff define our future — let’s go.”

Keith received an early Christmas present while performing in Las Vegas. The singer-songwriter was given the Triple Billionaires Plaque by Pandora, celebrating his success on the music streaming platform. As of recently, he is also still undergoing various forms of treatment for his stomach cancer.

“I feel pretty good. It’s a rollercoaster all the time with this stuff,” he said on the Sellout Crowd podcast. “I have the resources financially and otherwise to get the best treatments I can get. They’re taking great care of me and I’m getting all the latest stuff you can get. In fact, I’m going tomorrow to Florida to see another guy down there, that’s got some other kind of treatments, and I’m trying them all. I’m throwing the kitchen sink at it.”

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