11 Questions With Phil Vassar [EXCLUSIVE]

We recently got to chat with Phil Vassar about his third season of Songs From the Cellar, his newly-launched podcast, and much more. But before we ended our lengthy chat, we asked him 11 of our biggest questions. Read his interesting answers below.

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Marco Island. It’s in South Florida. It’s just below Naples. I love it. It’s one of my, it’s my Zen place. I’ve been going there for most of my life. I love it. Beautiful.

2. Where is your favorite Nashville spot?

My house. I do like to be home. I mean, I’ve been on the road for all these years, and just to come home now, and be here and go from room to room, it’s nice. It’s just nice to be home.

3. If you weren’t a singer-songwriter, what would you be?

I probably would have been a doctor. That’s what I would have been. No doubt. I loved it. I thought about it for a minute, but then I realized you had to go to school for eight more years, four more years after college, and this and that. I think I did the right thing.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I think when people crunch ice or smack their gum, or smack their food… or when they slurp their coffee. There’s just something about that crunching ice thing, which is not good for your teeth. And I find myself doing it sometimes I’m like, “Oh man, I’m doing my own worst pet peeve, my own nightmare.”

5. What is one TV show you could binge watch over and over again?

Family Guy. I hate to say it. Family Guy is completely brainless, funny and they just attack everybody, which is funny to me. I think it’s genius. I like that show. Between that and Andy Griffith, those are my two faves. That’s my old show. And my new show is Family Guy. I love it.

6. What is one food that you can make really well?

I’m a pretty good cook, I guess. I make good soup. I make good soup and French toast. I’m a pretty good cook. I’ve had to be, because [I’ve been] a bachelor my whole life, just about.

7. What is your secret talent?

I’m a good house cleaner. I clean my house. I like cleaning my house. People would go, ‘Man, your house is always clean!’  I clean my house. I like cleaning my house … I  have a big house and I clean it a lot. I find that it keeps me grounded. I do my own clothes. I do my laundry. I cook. I do all that stuff … I like to clean. I like cleaning my bathrooms. I keep them clean, and I got a lot of them. Some people play golf if that’s their thing or whatever. Mine is, I try to keep my house clean and go to the gym

8. Where is the weirdest place you have been recognized?

I’ve got some funny stories about that. It’s just hilarious. They’ll be like, “Hey, I know you are are!” … I’m like, “I’ll be with you in a minute, after I get out of here.”

9. When were you the most starstruck?

I’ve been starstruck so many times. I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing [people]. All the Presidents, That’s a really good question. Dolly Parton was one for me who, when I first met Dolly and I first met Kenny Rogers,  I was always, of course, huge fans of those folks growing up. But meeting, and then becoming friends with guys like Merle Haggard and people, it’s really been amazing … I’m like Forrest Gump.

I’ve met some crazy people, and just kind of lucked myself into these situations. There’s so many. I don’t know. Good grief. I mean, [Sylvester] Stallone was great.  I loved him. and he was great. We sat and talked for a long time. Hours … I’ve been pretty lucky on that end.

10. What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

I’ve got two daughters. It’s so much fun to hang out with them. Even taking them shopping and spending money, it’s just fun for me, because I get to be with them. I love it. Go to dinner, hanging out. They’re growing up now. They’re grown-up ladies. And so, I just cherish every second of that right now.

11. What is something that people don’t know about you?

I’m kind of a private person … I’m not a big party animal or anything like that. I’m a pretty boring human being. People would think, “Oh man, you’re out and you’re touring and you’re going all over the world.” I am boring. I am a boring guy. I need to work on that a little bit. I need to shake it up and steal a horse or do something like that. It’s worked for a lot of my friends.