Bobby Bones Reveals Sweetest Way He Set Up Proposal to Caitlin Parker

Bobby Bones pulled a fast one on his now-fiancée Caitlin Parker, but we’re guessing she didn’t mind. The radio host, who is color blind, told Caitlin that he needed help picking out paint colors for the inside of a barn on his property.

“I told her, while we were away this weekend shooting my [upcoming Breaking Bobby Bones] show in Virginia, I said, ‘Hey, they were working on the barn this weekend and they left some paint colors and samples in there. We need to go and let them know by Monday morning what color we want,'” Bobby recounted on his award-winning The Bobby Bones Show (via People). “I’m severely color-blind, so I said, ‘I need you to go with me and look at them.'”

Instead, while the couple was out of town, he had a friend decorate the barn. Bobby also told Caitlin that they were going on a dinner date afterwards, so she would be dressed well for the photos.

“As soon as I opened the door — I’m talking as soon as she could look inside — she went ‘huh’ and started crying, just like that,” he recalled.

Accustomed to speaking on the air, as well as emceeing events, the 40-year-old didn’t rehearse what he was going to say again, instead letting the words come from his heart.

“I told her, ‘Before you, I kinda felt like I was broken.’ … I’ve never loved anyone romantically ever,” Bobby admitted. “I said, ‘Before you, I just thought that was either a lie or something that the movies had. I don’t feel that way anymore.'”

“I don’t remember all of it fully because there was so much happening. It was sensory overload,” he added. “She was shocked, I was happy about that.”

Caitlin previously told Bobby that she knew, during a Mat Kearney concert, when Mat sang “Nothing Left to Lose,” that she wanted to marry him, so it seemed only fitting that Bobby had Mat perform that song immediately after their proposal.

“I get to marry the best man I’ve ever known,” Caitlin gushed on social media. “Bobby surprised me with the most amazing proposal in the barn in our back yard which was immediately followed by a live performance of [Mat Kearney] singing our song. I am in shock and feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I’m so in love and so happy … the future Caitlin Estell.”

Bobby just confirmed his return as an in-house mentor for the fourth season of American Idol on ABC. No word yet on a wedding date.