Chevel Shepherd Covers Lainey Wilson’s ‘Heart Like a Truck’ [WATCH]

Chevel Shepherd can write her own songs, but she is quite adept at covering other people’s songs as well. The New Mexico native, who won Season 15 of The Voice by performing songs like The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young,” The Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier” and more, just dropped a stunning cover of Lainey Wilson‘s recent No. 1 hit, “Heart Like A Truck.”

Shepherd shared her acoustic performance on TikTok.

@chevelshepherd Heart Like a Truck by @laineywilsonmusic . I hope you enjoy🩷 #fyp #cover #chevelshepherd #heartlikeatruck ♬ original sound – chevyyyy



The new song comes not long after Shepherd earned praise from the family of Loretta Lynn, for her inspiring original song, “Lookin’ for Loretta.”

“We are such huge [Chevel Shepherd] fans,” the family wrote on social media after hearing the song. “She won our hearts singing mom’s songs on American Idol [sic]. “Mom was so proud to meet her and cheer her on when Chevel came as her guest to her big birthday bash at Bridgestone. We love this new song!”

It’s fitting that Shepherd wrote a song honoring Lynn, since the rising star grew up heavily influenced by the country music legend.

“I love Loretta,” Shepherd previously told Everything Nash, when speaking about her Everybody’s Got a Story project. “She’s definitely one of my favorites. I look up to her as a musician and as a person. She’s always stayed true to herself, and never strayed away from that. And then I look up to Tanya TuckerGretchen WilsonThe Chicks. I look up to all of them.

“There are a lot of musical influences on my record that stem from them, because that’s the music that I grew up listening to, but I always make it my own,” she continued. “But my influence, my biggest one would have to be Loretta. And I also love Dolly [Parton] as well.”

It makes sense that Shepherd covered “Heart Like A Truck,” since the 20-year-old is drawn to songs that tell stories.

“I’ve always had a really old soul,” Shepherd previously said. “I’ve been told that quite a few times. It’s all about the story for me, and the connection. …. I haven’t lived a lot of life yet. I try and connect, put myself into the lyrics to the song and really make sure that I feel it so that people know that I feel it just like they’re going to feel it.”

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