Chris Young Recalls Final Show Before COVID-19 Shutdown

One year ago today, on March 9, 2020, Chris Young had no idea that he had just played his last show for what would end up being a long, long time, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Young reflected on the somber anniversary on social media.

“A year ago today we were playing in front of 70,000, but after walking off stage, we knew things were going to change,” Young recalled. “We had no idea what was about to happen, but I’m hopeful that soon we will be back on the road playing shows for you guys again. Lord knows we all miss it.”

Young has missed being with his fans, but he hasn’t spent the last year relaxing. The Tennessee native has been hard at work on new music. After announcing that Raised on Country would be his next record, Young says the time at home has allowed him to record a lot more songs than he originally planned.

“I keep saying this and I’m sure my label’s like, ‘Huh?’” Young tells Everything Nash. “Right now it’s a double album. If we keep going, it’s going to be more than that.”

Young is also using his time to help others. He recently announced that he was partnering with The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project, volunteering his service after the unexpected death of Charlie Daniels last year.

“I’ve got military in my family,” Young explains. “I’ve sat on boards for military organizations that were nonprofits. I’ve been overseas multiple different times to Iraq, South Korea. It’s something that I’ve seen firsthand. And I know that music can make a difference in that. It’s one of the things that I’m really, truly passionate about. So I’m very happy to now be involved with that, and helping them raise money and keep that and everything that Charlie meant to so many people, going.”

Young is currently in the Top 30 with “Famous Friends,” a duet with Kane Brown. A release date for Raised on Country has yet to be announced.