Justin Moore’s Son Is Recovering From a Broken Leg

Justin Moore‘s son is on the mend, after breaking his leg while playing outside at the family’s home. The little boy, Thomas “South,” who will turn four in June, broke his leg while playing on a trampoline with his siblings, while Moore’s wife, Kate, was out of town.

“I’m totally comfortable with it,” Moore told Taste of Country Nights. “I go pick them up from school, we go outside. They’re all four on the trampoline and my 7-year-old is usually really good about keeping out for her brother and stopping her sisters from doing something stupid. So I said, ‘I’m gonna run in. I’m gonna grab a glass of water. I’ll be right back.'”

Unfortunately, in the brief time Moore was gone, his youngest child was injured.

“My 11-year-old was nowhere to be found,” Moore recalled. “My nine-year-old, who’s a little more devious in nature, had double-jumped him, if you know what I mean by that. So I carried him to the doctor and low and behold, broken.”

The father of four has been using his time at home to not only spend with his children, but to also work on new music.

“When I wrote the Late Nights and Longnecks album, we had enough for another album at the time, to be honest with you,” Moore told his record label. “And then since, we’ve written more. Kind of right before all this stuff hit I had finished another group of songs. So, I’ve probably got 30 songs ready to go.”

Moore’s current single, “We Didn’t Have Much,,” is from his next record. The song, which is currently in the Top 30, is his reminder of his own childhood, when life at least seemed simpler than it is now. As hard as the past year has been, it has been a reminder to Moore, and others, of the silver lining of having much of life shut down for a while.

“It’s pretty much just talking about a simpler time in our lives,” Moore explained. “We had it all when we didn’t have much. I think this window of time has kind of shed light on that for me. And I know talking to some other artists on our podcast, the same kind of is true. [We’re] simplifying our lives. Like, I’m building a chicken coop right now. We’ll have our own fresh eggs. We planted a garden, which is fun for the kids and lesson teaching, if you will.

“If you put work into something, you’ll get something in return,” he continued. “Relying on your neighbors. I mean, this is all cliché, cheesy kind of sounding stuff, but it’s true and it has been our life over the last months. So, it’s talking about those kind of things, in a nutshell. But I think a lot of people maybe have had the same experience over this window of time as I have.”