Chris Young, Tracy Lawrence Team Up on ‘Find Out Who Your Friends Are’ [WATCH]

Chris Young just shared a clip of a duet with Tracy Lawrence. The two combined their talents on “Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” a song Lawrence first sang with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, and was released in 2006, from his For the Love album.

Young captioned the video “You find out who your friends are…” perhaps alluding to his challenging week last week, after he was wrongfully charged, and then cleared of any wrongdoing.

This isn’t the first time Young and Lawrence have collaborated together. Young previously joined Lawrence on a remake of Lawrence’s 1994 hit, “If the Good Die Young,” from Lawrence’s self-released Good Ole Days album, out in 2017.

Young is, hopefully, having a much better week than last week. The singer was charged on January 21 with disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest after he allegedly interacted with agents from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission at Tin Roof, subsequently following them to DawgHouse.

“What happened to my client Chris Young at a bar in Nashville on Monday night was wrong and he never should have been arrested and charged in the first place,” Young’s attorney, Bill Ramsey, said after video footage (available here) emerged disputing the ABC officer’s original claims. “In light of the video evidence, Tennessee ABC needs to drop the charges and apologize for the physical, emotional and professional harm done towards my client.”

Fortunately, the Nashville District Attorney agreed with Ramsey, and all charges against Young were dropped.

Young’s 18-track Young Love & Saturday Nights, album will be out on March 22. The record includes “Right Now,” “Looking for You,” “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” and the title track, which is his current single.

“Albums are all a snapshot of time, right?” Young reflected to Nashville Lifestyles. “This year I was really introspective. I’ve worked a lot on myself. I was in the gym a lot more. I was in the studio a lot more, and I was traveling and working toward this new project— changing things around in my career. There’s been a lot of work that I’ve put in this year, whether it was personal, professional, or even just into my friendships, making sure I was taking time to see people I care about. And I think that probably shows a little bit.”

Young will kick off his Young Love & Saturday Nights Tour on March 25 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bryan Martin is serving as the opening act for all dates. Find all of Young’s music and upcoming shows at

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