Jake Hoot Releases ‘Wherever Time Goes’ With Wife Brittney [LISTEN]

Jake Hoot‘s new song, “Wherever Time Goes,” his duet with his wife, Brittney Hoot, is out! The song, which Hoot wrote with Houston Phillips and Michael Farren, was inspired by thinking about the time he wants to spend with his loved ones, including his wife, Brittney, whom he married last March, and his six-year-old daughter, Macy.

“I think, as we get older, we get in such a hurry and such a fast-paced mentality that we tend to let so many precious moments pass us by without even realizing that we let it happen,” Hoot tells Country Now. “I think taking a step back and going, ‘You know what? Time is a gift and being such a special thing as it is, and having somebody special in your life – and the beauty about this song, is it can also be compared to being with your kids too and being happy about the moment – and going, ‘I have so much time left on this earth, and in this life, wherever that time goes, I want it to be with the people I love.’”

Hoot and Brittney didn’t have much time to focus on just their relationship after they said “I do.” The Season 17 winner of The Voice has seen his career explode over the last year, which meant he has been busier than ever. The couple has worked hard to find time together, while Brittney also works as a labor and delivery nurse, and both focus on time with Macy as well. While they might be busy, whatever they are doing — it works.

“It’s been the best year I feel like in my life,” Hoot gushes. “As soon as we got back from our honeymoon, we hit the ground running. We had to learn to balance all that time, like trying to do the home life thing and being on the road and trying to travel together. At the same time, [Brittney] had to step into that role of being a bonus mom. So, it was a learning experience all last year, but it was the best year ever!”

The song earned high praise from Brittney as well, especially since she got to be part of the autobiographical tune.

“It’s just been so fun getting to do a project with [Jake] and just be a part of this song,” Brittney praises. “It’s such a beautiful song, and the message of it is something that I think is so much our story.”

Brittney might be juggling a lot of different roles right now, but she cherishes all of them, even if it means she hasn’t gotten much rest.

“This has by far been the best year of my life and the fullest year of my life,” Brittney says. “It’s so crazy to look back over a year and be like, ‘Wow, it feels like we’ve packed ten years into the last year. The things that we’ve done and the places we’ve gone and the places we’ve been able to see, it’s just so crazy to think that it all happened in less than a year, but we’re just so excited for all that this coming year has, but we have had an awesome year of marriage for sure.”

Hoot and Brittney met several years ago, when they both sang in a wedding. But it took the right timing, and a trip to another country, for Hoot and Brittney to realize they were meant to be together.

“When I went back down to Nicaragua in March of last year, in 2020, it just seemed like it was the perfect time,” Hoot told Everything Nash last year. “And so, we reconnected and decided, ‘Hey, this is it.’ We decided to move fairly quick because we’re both 32 and we’re like, ‘Well, let’s just not waste any time. Let’s just go ahead and do it.’ … I’m very excited to see what the future holds.”

Find all of Hoot’s music, as well as a list of his upcoming shows, by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of C2 Media Relations / Jonathan Volk

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