Jay DeMarcus Vows to Expand Jason Crabb’s Career in 2021 [EXCLUSIVE]

Jay DeMarcus just announced that his own Red Street Records would serve as the official sponsor for NASCAR star Natalie Decker’s car. Red Street Records, which is already home to Avalon, Lauren Camey and Cade Thompson, recently added singer Jason Crabb to its roster, with Crabb’s face on Decker’s car, along with the title of his latest single, “Just As I Am.”

DeMarcus, who released a duet of the Christmas song, “A Strange Way to Save the World,” with Crabb last year, says introducing more music fans, of all genres, to Crabb and his music is his biggest goal for 2021.

“l would say that my priority right now with Red Street Records is to really break Jason, once and for all, in the CCM market,” DeMarcus tells Everything Nash. “This guy is one of the best singers in any genre, let alone just the CCM market. So it’s really important for me with this song. I sent out a video message to a lot of the radio folks right before the holidays. I said, ‘You’ve got so many preconceived notions about who Jason is, but there are many sides of him.’ I just encouraged them all to listen to this song. Because if you think that you’ve known Jason Crabb before, I can promise you, when you hear this new song, it’s a whole ‘nother side of him you’ve never seen before.”

Crabb has had plenty of success already, including two Grammy Awards, but hasn’t had much by way of commercial success outside of the genre, until now.

“The world needs and deserves to know who Jason Crabb is,” DeMarcus urges. “And I cannot wait to be the vehicle for him to finally have a stage to show what he’s all about. I’m so thrilled to be the label representing him. He’s never really been given a fair shot, and I want everybody to do just that. Give him a fair shot, because this man’s voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard in my life. And that’s saying a lot because my cousin, Gary LeVox is one of the best on the planet.

“I’m proud to be the label representing him and more importantly, proud to call him my friend,” he adds. “That’s been the best part of this whole thing.”

Download “Just As I Am” on iTunes.