Lee Brice Celebrates ‘Memory I Don’t Mess With’ Hitting No. 1

Lee Brice has another No. 1 hit! The Georgia native’s “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” from his Hey World album, has claimed the top spot on the charts.

Brice spoke out about the accomplishment on social media.

“We have the #1 song on country radio!!” Brice boasted. “A huge THANK YOU to country radio, my team, and every single one of you who called your local radio station to request #MemoryIDontMessWith. I cannot thank y’all enough for showing this song so much love! I’m forever grateful.”

Brice previously said the song, which he wrote with Brian Davis and Billy Montana, took a while for him to finish — but once he did, he knew he had a hit.

“I think it’s a really cool story about how he wrote it. I had finished a write with Brian Davis, one of my co-writers and a great friend. The other writer left and Brian said, ‘Hey man, I just got this little line,” Brice told Everything Nash, humming the line, “Memory I don’t mess with” from the song. “So we put a little chorus down real quick. It wrote it for us. It just fell out. And I threw a quick little drum, bass and guitar down, and just kept it really simple. All we had was the chorus, and I had to go

“For a year, I kept finding myself, going back to this work tape,” he continued. “I’d have all these cool records, new songs and stuff going on, and I kept wanting to go back to hear this song over and over again, even though I had no verses.”

Brice has plenty of tour dates on the road for the remainder of the year, and into 2022, but after more than a year off the road because of COVID, the father of three says his priorities have shifted, permanently.

“This year … could go down as one of the best years I’ve ever had with the family, as far as time spent,” Brice reflects. “And one thing it taught me for sure is priorities. And so, yes, I’m going to go hit that road pretty hard coming up, try to catch up for this last year we’ve had. But I’m also going to really prioritize the time, because I learned how important this time is. All I ever knew, and all they ever knew was, ‘Well, Dad is going to be gone. And then he’ll come home for a couple of days, and then he’ll be gone again.’

“I just really want to change that,” he adds, “and be more careful about that time that I have with them, because I know right now how important it is.”

Find all of Brice’s music, and his upcoming shows, at LeeBrice.com.