Luke Combs Experienced a ‘Fundamental Shift’ After Having a Child

Luke Combs’ life has changed drastically since he became a father. Combs and his wife Nicole welcomed their son Tex in 2022, and will welcome their second child, also a boy, within the next few weeks. Combs began his career with early hit singles like “Hurricane,” “When It Rains It Pours” and more, but says now that he is a father, all aspects of his life, including his music, have changed.

“It’s a fundamental shift of everything,” Combs says on Country Countdown USA. “The priority list has gone from ten things to just one.  They learn something new every day.  As a songwriter, once you have a kid, how would you write about anything else?  I’m always writing about him.  The majority of what I do is at home with my wife and son, and preparing for this next one.”

Photo Credit: Luke Combs/nstagram


Combs is currently on his World Tour, which heads to Europe on September 30 for a series of dates, but he is already working on plans for his next tour. The 33-year-old announced his Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour in 2024, which kicks off in April. With both of his tours, as well as any future tours, Combs’ primary goal is to keep his fans first and foremost in his mind.

“When we’re doing a show like this, whether it’s going over ticket pricing, or picking openers or picking cities. we try to think of them first at every turn, truly,” Combs tells his record label. “And I hope that comes across when they see the show, and when they’re at the box office to buy their tickets, I hope those things kind of come across.”

Combs just celebrated a surprising No. 1 hit with Fast Car,” from his latest Gettin’ Old album. Although it was a favorite of his since childhood, even Combs was unprepared for how much that song would resonate with his fans as well.

“We never thought it would be a No. 1,” Combs admits. “It was just something for me. We had another single out, and this one jumped it. It was a labor of love making that cover and I think people could hear that. It was one of my favorite songs.”

Chapman praised Combs for the song’s resurgence after it went to the top of the charts, but the two have not met in person, at least not yet. But for Combs, if the opportunity presented itself to perform with her on a stage like the CMA Awards, he would be all for it.

“We haven’t talked about it,” Combs acknowledges. “I haven’t talked with her personally about it. I think the powers that be would love it. I think the fans would definitely love it. I’d sing it with her anywhere.”

Cody Jinks, The Avett Brothers and Haily Whitters are among those opening for Combs on Friday nights on his Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour, and Jordan DavisMitchell Tenpenny, Drew Parker and Colby Acuff will serve as the opening acts on the Saturday night dates. Find all of Combs’ music and tour dates at

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