Luke Combs Begins New Musical Chapter With ‘Gettin’ Old,’ Out Now

Luke Combs‘ pivotal Gettin’ Old record is out now. The 18-track album is a shift for the father of one — with one on the way — marking a bold new musical chapter for him.

“It felt like Growin’ Up was the last record of the tail end of my career at that point of what my sound used to be, and where it’s kind of evolving to,” Combs reveals on Apple Music’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. “We really did shift our focus production-wise as soon as that record came out, and we knew we wanted Gettin’ Old to sound different.”

“It’s still rooted in what we’ve always done,” he adds. “It’s the same songwriters. It’s just the song ideas and the production are different based on where I’m kind of at in my life right now.”

While Combs insists it’s still authentically him, he did make one major change with Gettin’ Old, recording three songs that he did not write, for the first time ever. Two of those songs are “My Song Will Never Die,” written by Eric Church, Travis Meadows and Jonathan Singleton, and “Where the Wild Things Are,” by Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull.

Perhaps surprisingly, Combs also included a cover of  Tracy Chapmans’ 1988 hit, “Fast Car,” a seemingly unlikely choice that quickly became one of Combs’ favorites from the record.

“[It’s] my first favorite song probably ever,” Combs shares. “I remember listening to that song with my dad in his truck when I was probably four. He had a cassette, a tape of it, and we had this old brown camper-top F-150. … I have the original cassette — my dad brought it to me a couple of years ago.”

Chapman’s eponymous debut cassette, which includes “Fast Car,” is one of several musical influences that permeates Combs’ new album, and his musical choices in general.

“I have it in my shop,” he says of Tracy Chapman. “The only music I have in my shop is a cassette player. I love to go to antique stores and you can get a bunch of cassette tapes for 50 cents. Some of the best records of all time are on cassette.”

All of Gettin’ Old marks a transition of sorts for Combs, which began when he started realizing changes in his own life.

“[It’s] really where I feel like I am,” Combs explains to his record label. “I’m not getting old, but I’m not growing up anymore. I’m a dad now. I’ve reached a pretty awesome level of success in my career. It’s just this crazy juxtaposition. That’s where I feel like I am. When I’m home, I’m changing diapers, and when I’m not home, I’m onstage performing in front of thousands of people. It’s just so crazy different. And that’s where a lot of these songs kind of came from, is that headspace of just feeling that way.”

Combs just made history with his 15th single, “Going, Going, Gone,” which also became his 15th No. 1 hit. The success of the song marks the first time an artist in country music history has had all 15 singles land at the top of the chart. Gettin’ Old also includes “Joe,” “5 Leaf Clover” and his current single, “Love You Anyway.”

The North Carolina native will embark on his World Tour in March 25 in Arlington, Texas, and will play in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and more, before wrapping up on October 19 in the UK. Riley GreenLainey Wilson, Flatland Cavalry and Brent Cobb will serve as the opening acts for some dates, with Cody Johnson and Lane Pittman taking over opening act duties for some of the overseas dates as well.

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