Mark Chesnutt Expected to Have Full Recovery Following Back Surgery

There’s some good news about Mark Chesnutt and his health. Only a few weeks after the Texas native revealed he had to cancel multiple tour dates due to needing emergency back surgery, the operation seems to have been a success.

Someone from Chesnutt’s team shared the update on social media.

“Mark is out of surgery and doing well,” the tweet reads. “His Doctor said that everything went as planned and he should have a complete recovery.”

Earlier this month, Chesnutt shared the disappointing news that his fans would have to wait a little longer to see him perform.

“I’ve been suffering with this for a very long time, and postponed as long as I could,” Chesnutt revealed. “When the doctor says, ‘You have no choice,’ you have no choice! I hate to get off the road just as the venues opened back up. I was really looking forward to this year! I appreciate the support and understanding from my fans, and I’ll see you all real soon.”

Chesnutt also shared on social media why he would have to take some time off the road.

“Hey everyone, I wanted to give y’all a quick update,” he tweeted. “I’m going in for back surgery on July 22and will have to be in the hospital for a couple days. After I get home I have to take it easy so I can heal up and get back out on tour. I miss everyone and miss the road.”

According to the latest update, all of Chesnutt’s dates through September 5 are canceled. Information will be posted on his website as available.