Michael Ray, Dustin Lynch to Join Tracy Lawrence for 16th Annual Turkey Fry

Michael Ray and Dustin Lynch are just two of the artists, along with Lainey Wilson, who will be joining Tracy Lawrence for his upcoming benefit concert, as part of his 16th annual Mission: Possible Turkey Fry. Proceeds from the event, which began in 2006, go to the Nashville Rescue Mission.

Lawrence set a new fundraising record last year, with $125,000. The event became even more important to him in 2020, in light of the many challenges people were facing because of the pandemic.

“There was a conversation about, is this something that we just need to push off?,” Lawrence told Everything Nash last year. “There was a lot of conversation about it, and we felt like it was something that we needed to push through, even if our money is way down and we don’t donate a lot of money. I think trying to keep things as normal as possible is mentally motivational and healthy for everybody in such a strange year. So we’ve tried as hard as we can to keep this as normal as we could.”

Lawrence has been pleasantly surprised year after year by how much both country music artists and the Nashville community step up to support his event year after year.

“Every year I’m floored how people consistently help us outperform the previous year to serve more meals and raise more money for the homeless and hungry,” Lawrence said. “Honestly, we didn’t expect much this year with the pandemic so to have a record-breaking year in raising more money for people that need it more than ever, I’m just blown away!”

The Turkey Fry will be held on Tuesday, November 23, in the parking lot of the Nashville Rescue Mission. The concert will be held on the SkyDeck at Assembly Hall, located on top of the 5th + Broadway building. More artists are expected to be announced shortly. Tickets will be available on September 24. More information can be found here.