Rascal Flatts Reveal Their Separate Plans for 2021

It seems it may indeed be the end of Rascal Flatts, at least for now. The three band members — Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney — each recently revealed their plans for 2021, which seem to indicate that. while they plan on remaining busy, they are not planning on making any music together.

“I’m actually working on a solo record right now,” LeVox shared with their record label, before joking that he was doing goat yoga. “It’s weird but there’s nothing to do and I own that farm, so I’m raising goats and we’ve got yoga going on.”

For DeMarcus, he plans on continuing his work with his own label, which includes Jason Crabb on the roster.

“I opened a Christian record label two years ago called Red Street Records, and so, I’m really devoting a lot of time to that,” he revealed. “So, we’re not slowing down.”

Rooney, who recently apologized after he came under fire for claiming the Capitol riot last week was a hoax, also plans on working on more music as well.

“Well, I think there’s no doubt that we’ll all be doing some type of something in music because … that’s our passion,” he said. “It’s what we love. For me I’m just continuing songwriting and that journey, which is just my favorite thing to do, is write songs and try to create something that might be good. They’re few and far between sometimes writing.

“But you know,” he added, “that’s that one great outlet that I’ve had and I’ve really concentrated on with all this quarantine and just down time, is trying to write something good if I can.”

While all three guys in Rascal Flatts felt it was time to pursue other projects, they admit the farewell is bittersweet.

“I’m gonna miss the times that we shared together that no one knows about, that no one sees – the looks at each other on the stage, the moments that we look at each other and we know that we’re at our best,” DeMarcus previously admitted. “The time in the trenches that no one knows about that the three of us have shared together that have bonded us together for life is what I will miss the most. You can’t make up for time spent together. No one can do that, and we’ve seen the best of each other, we’ve seen the worst of each other.

“We’ve held each other through the saddest of times, through love and loss, and it’s a brotherhood,” he continued. “It has always been a brotherhood, and the day that we don’t have that anymore and we can’t just reach out to each other so easily is gonna be very, very sad and heartbreaking for me. But I know that when we’re old men together someday, sitting around on a porch and sharing old stories and singing ‘Prayin’ for Daylight’ when we’re 75, we’re gonna have a heck of a legacy to look back on.”