Reba McEntire to Livestream Madison Square Garden Show

Fans who didn’t get to see Reba McEntire perform at Madison Square Garden, on the final night of her Reba: Live in Concert Arena Tour are in luck. The Oklahoma native announces the livestream of that concert, taking place on August 13 exclusively on Veeps.

“Everybody’s really excited about Madison Square Garden,” McEntire said in a video announcing the livestream. “One, because I’ve never headlined here before. And two, it’s the last night of the tour. I’m the third generation to perform here. I’m singing, but Grandpap in the ’30s and Daddy in the ’40s were rodeo cowboys, and so they were roping here. It’s gonna be emotional. It really will be.”

McEntire later reflected on her performance at the iconic venue, and her surprising reaction to ending her tour on one of the country’s biggest and most prominent stages.

“I went into it, ‘It’s just another arena,’ because it holds such history for me and my family,’” McEntire said on the Today Show after her final concert. “Grandpap roped there in the rodeo in the ’30s. Daddy roped there during the rodeo in the ’40s, and it felt like they were with us there in Madison Square Garden.”

The crowd was, understandably, receptive to the Country Music Hall of Fame member’s music, which she admitted made her a bit emotional.

“Everybody wants to be loved and accepted. I’m no different,” McEntire acknowledged. “We’re up there on the stage, razzle-dazzle, but we’re very insecure people inside. And after the second song, the applause went on for a long time, and I got very emotional. I was crying. But the show must go on. So mascara down the face, whatever, you gotta keep on going.”

McEntire will headline a night in Nashville, with her Not the Fancy: An Evening with Reba and Friends, held at the Ryman Auditorium on November 5. McEntire’s good friend, and former Reba co-star, Melissa Peterman, will host the event, which comes only a few weeks after the October 10 release of McEntire’s Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots.

“The book is a fun book,” the 68-year-old said on the Today Show. “Sometimes you have books, autobiographies, that are really diving into stuff. This is just a fun book. You can look through it. You can read it front to back. It’s got recipes, stories, new pictures people haven’t seen before. Talking about my family, my faith, my friends. And then recipes that are from the restaurant in Otoka, Oklahoma, called ‘Reba’s Place.’”

McEntire will serve as a coach for Season 24 of The Voice later this year, filling the spot left vacant by Blake Shelton. She has also already agreed to appear in Season 25 next year as well. Find music and tour dates, and pre-order Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots, at

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