Russell Dickerson Celebrates Engagement Anniversary With ‘Home Sweet’ Video: WATCH

Happy engagement anniversary to Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey! Dickerson is celebrating the day he proposed — February 3, 2013 — by sharing some of those moments in the official video for his latest single, “Home Sweet.”

“Home Sweet is in my Top 5 best songs I’ve ever been a part of writing,” Dickerson says of the song. “The stories portrayed and the emotions felt are all real life experiences all wrapped up in this all-out anthem!”

Dickerson also shared some of the moments in a sweet post on social media, recalling the day he happily popped the question.

“8 years ago today I asked the girl of my dreams to marry me,” Dickerson wrote. “She said yes and the rest is history. This video shares some of my favorite memories over the years that have inspired not only this song but so many others.”

“Home Sweet” not only shares the moment Dickerson proposed, but also several of the couple’s other moments together over the years, including their first home and the arrival of their first child, son Remington.

“Home Sweet” follows Dickerson’s fourth consecutive No. 1 hit, with “Love You Like I Used To.” Both songs are from his sophomore Southern Symphony album, which he says is filled with songs mostly about Kailey.

“When you know my wife, you understand why she gets 70 percent of this record,” Dickerson told People. “She guides me and keeps me grounded and humble. She is honestly one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. And I’m just getting started, too. There’s so much to discover and share about her.”

Dickerson was already madly in love with Kailey, but fell even more in love after he watched her embrace motherhod.

“Whatever myth that you hear that your wife gets less attractive after she has a baby is the most crock of you-know-what I’ve ever heard,” Dickerson said. “Once you see the strength of a woman like that … She is a superhero in my mind. I’m more proud to be her husband than ever. Even her getting up at night for feedings and still functioning throughout the day is superhero status.”

Download or stream all of the songs on Southern Symphony here.