Russell Dickerson to Release New Version of ‘Home Sweet’ With Lady A

Russell Dickerson has been friends with the Lady A members for several years, and now they are going to be duet partners as well. Dickerson reveals he will release a new version of his current hit, “Home Sweet,” on Friday, November 19, featuring the award-winning trio.

Dickerson wrote the song with Casey Brown and Lady A’s Charles Kelley, while touring with the band.

“It is interesting how this collaboration came about,”  Kelley says in a video shared on social media. “When I first heard you do it, it felt so your story, because you’re at that spot where that song to me feels like your story. I believe at the time we had written it, shortly after we found out your wife was pregnant. It was the timing of it. I thought, ‘This is going to be such a historic song.'”

It’s fitting that Lady A is singing on “Home Sweet” with Dickerson, since he initially wanted the song to be included on a Lady A album, not one of his.

“In my mind, I was hoping at first that Lady A would cut it, for sure,” Dickerson previously said (via VC First). “We wrote it on tour with them. They were headlining. They’re Lady A, so I’m like, ‘That would be amazing to get like a huge Lady A cut,’ but they ended up passing on it. Either way I was stoked because I knew this song was a huge song anyway so I was like, ‘Yes, I get to do my own song. I’m glad that I got to record it.”

The video of the song shows Dickerson with his wife, Kailey, beginning with the night they got engaged. The song is from his sophomore Southern Symphony album, which was in large part inspired by his adoring spouse.

“When you know my wife, you understand why she gets 70 percent of this record,” Dickerson told People. “She guides me and keeps me grounded and humble. She is honestly one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. And I’m just getting started, too. There’s so much to discover and share about her.”