Sophia Scott Bares Her Soul With ‘One Of These Days’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Sophia Scott has a new single out, and it is deeply personal. The rising star wrote “One Of These Days,” about one of the hardest times in her life, baring her heart in the contemplative new tune.

“This song, if I had to pick one, is like my baby,” Scott tells Everything Nash. “I wrote it almost four years ago, and have been kind of holding onto it, waiting for the right moment to share it. It’s a very personal song, maybe one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. It tells the story of my childhood, my parents going through a divorce and me kind of feeling like I grew up really fast, and having to be the protector of my little brother. Basically, it starts with that story and then kind of goes into my own first involvement with my own heartbreak. It ends with where I’m at today, navigating life as an adult.”

Scott acknowledges in “One Of These Days” the hardships and heartache she experienced, but the song is still optimistic, reflecting on her naturally positive outlook on life.

“I think the overarching theme of the song is just hoping that one of these days, all of these hurdles that life can throw at you make sense, and all these pieces fall into place,” Scott explains. “Hoping that with every traumatic event, there’s some sort of lesson to be learned and trying to see the good in situations.”

Scott is hard at work on a forthcoming EP, which she plans to release later this year. The collection of songs will mark another first for the singer-songwriter, one that she is eager to share with the world.

“I like to think that there’s a little bit of something for everyone,” Scott hints. “I’ve only up until this point released singles, so this is my first body of work. It’s my first real project. I feel like it’s a real introduction to Sophia Scott. There are so many parts of me on it. Like, ‘One Of These Days’ is so personal, and it’s kind of sad. And then there’s ‘Sweetheart,’ which talks about my first love … I think there’s something for everyone, but mostly I feel like it’s just a real introduction to who I am and all the different parts of myself that I guess I’ve shared and hinted at. But as a full project, this is me and my life story.”

Scott might be releasing her first project, but she already has a large, and still growing, fanbase, thanks in part to her run as the opening act on the Jonas Brothers’ Remember This Tour, which featured Kelsea Ballerini as direct support. As an aspiring country singer, Scott took plenty of notes from watching the “Half of my Hometown” singer night after night.

“Kelsea Ballerini is such a hero of mine,” Scott shares. “I think it was so great watching her perform and so inspiring. She’s just such a great performer. I would watch all of them soundcheck, and they’re just so professional. They don’t miss a beat. It was inspiring, if nothing else. I was like, ‘That’s where I wanna be.'”

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