‘The Voice’ Winner Todd Tilghman Announces New Single, ‘Jesus and You’

Todd Tilghman is releasing a new single! The Season 18 winner of The Voice just announced the release of a new single, “Jesus and You,” only a few weeks after the release of his debut single, “In a Heartache.”

“My producer, Gordon Mote, had sort of, on his own YouTube, put a little teaser out there, about ‘Jesus and You,’ a song that I wrote with him and Phil O’Donnell,” Tilghman revealed in a video he shared on Facebook. “We all wrote that together. When I say, ‘We wrote that together,’ what I mean is, Gordon and Phil wrote most of it. I just added a couple of little tidbits in there. But  we wrote that together. A lot of you have been really, really showing a lot of excitement about that, and I am thankful that you have, because as thankful as I am for your excitement, this stuff was all sort of pre-planned.”

“Jesus and You,” which is a personal glimpse into Tilghman’s own life, has already earned the approval of his wife, Brooke.

“This song is one of my wife’s big favorites … This is a big favorite of hers, and I’m hoping it’s a big favorite of y’alls,'” Tilghman revealed. “‘Jesus and You’ is a song about really my life, and the reason that I do what I do in this life. ‘Jesus and You’ is a song about my life and the people that I love, and why I do the things I do.”

Not only is Tilghman releasing a new song, but he’s also going to release a video for the song, shot in his former hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, where he lived and pastored a church, until moving to Tennessee to pursue music full-time.

“The plan was to wait and see what kind of response we had over time with ‘In a Heartache,’ to decide at which level we would be producing extra things for ‘Jesus and You,'” the father of eight explained. “But because several different things have been in play, and several different things have come on the table, and I pursued a handful of things that, thank God, really worked out, I am coming to Meridian, Mississippi, this weekend, and we are shooting the music video for ‘Jesus and You,’ and the backdrop for the ‘Jesus and You’ music video is going to be my hometown, Meridian, Mississippi.”

Tilghman previously hinted that he would be releasing a lot of new music in 2021.

“So much music is coming,” Tilghman divulged to Country Now. “I spend a lot of time writing and recording. The plan (as of now) is to release a single every four to six weeks until June. Then release an EP, or even full album, with a couple bonus tracks — possibly including some collaborations with some exciting artists.”

“Jesus and You” will be released on March 19.