Tim McGraw Shares Powerful Fan Stories in New Video After Release of ‘I Called Mama’

Grab a tissue before watching a video Tim McGraw just shared on social media. The “I Called Mama” singer shared fans’ responses to the question, “Who’s the first person you call with good or sad news?” The results were both inspiring and sometimes sobering, as people of all ages responded with a variety of answers, celebrating the people they are the closest to, and mourning those who have passed away.

Tim McGraw – I Called Mama (Fan Stories)

Thank you for sharing your stories… and thank you to all of the mamas, dads, best friends, and other champions on the other line when we need it most!! Let’s keep it going #ICALLEDMAMA

Posted by Tim McGraw on Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Tim released “I Called Mama” in May. The Louisiana native recorded the song prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but said it took on an entirely new meaning after the country began to shut down.

“I was recording this song earlier in the year, before all of this happened,” Tim shared on the Today Show. “It was a great song. It’s a song I love. I love my mom, like everybody loves their mom, and I really wanted to record it. After I recorded it and we got it mixed, then the virus came along, and everybody was talking about it, and everybody went into isolation. It really took on a bigger meaning and a deeper meaning to us. That’s why we released it.

“It just happened to be around Mother’s Day,” he continued. “But the main reason was because it just felt like what I’ve been doing and everybody’s been doing, just sitting at home and having comfort food all the time. This song felt like comfort food for your soul, in a lot of ways.”

The father of three  still relies on his mother, Betty D’Agostino, especially when life feels so uncertain.

“There’s always an anchor there,” Tim said. “And it’s something about someone who knows you so intimately, and knows who you are from here to there and everywhere in between. You can’t bull–– her. You can for a little while, but she knows who you are and she’ll call you on it.

“I think right now, what this world feels like to us is, when you’ve had a little bit too much to drink, and you lay down on the bed and everything starts spinning, and you put your foot on the floor and it sorta stops it, so you kind of fall asleep with one foot on the floor?” he continued. “Well that’s what mom does. She’s that foot on the floor when the world’s spinning.”