Watch Home Free’s Magical ‘Snow Globe’ Video

Home Free just released the video for “Snow Globe,” one of five original songs on the group’s 12-track Warmest Winter album. The song, written by Tim Foust and Keelan Donovan, says in part, “But like a snow globe / You shook me up / My heart was so cold / Now I can’t get enough / Without a sound, my feet left the ground / Yeah, you really tossed me around / And just like a snow globe / Maybe we should settle down.”

The magical video showed the five Home Free members singing in a life-size snow globe, complete with snow, candy canes, and white trees.

Each song on Warmest Winter was carefully selected by Home Free, who had a specific goal with their latest project.

“At a time in our country when there’s a lot of polarization, we just wanted to have a message of unity,” Tim told American Songwriter. “If you take any two humans from any two places on the planet, they’ll always have more in common than they may have different from one another, but there are increasing forces that try to get us to focus on our differences. We’re just trying to get people to think more about the ways we’re alike, then respond appropriately to that.”

“We wanted to make an album that wasn’t just a recycled version of every other Christmas record you’ve already heard,” added Austin Brown. “We chose the songs in an effort to put an album out there that is truly unique and yet still gives you that feeling of excitement and nostalgia we all hope to discover again and again with each new holiday season.”

Home Free just announced that they were postponing their highly-anticipated holiday show at the Ryman Auditorium, due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.

“Out of an abundance of concern for health and safety even in a limited capacity setting we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel our show at the [Ryman] in Nashville on December 21, 2020,” the group announced on social media. “All tickets for this performance will be refunded at point of purchase.”

The new date for Home Free’s Christmas show is now on December 7, 2021. Purchase Home Free’s Warmest Winter album by visiting the group’s website.