Carrie Underwood Defends Artists Like Jelly Roll and Beyoncé in Country Music

There is plenty of room for everyone in country music, at least according to Carrie Underwood  The Grand Ole Opry member welcomes artists who blur the lines of country music, even if their music sounds different than hers.

“There really is something for everybody now,” Underwood tells Yahoo Entertainment. “One of the great things about country music, and this is true for music in general, is that every genre has really just broadened itself. If you like things that are more traditional, you can find those. If you like things that seem more pop, you can find that. If you like things that can cross over into other genres, you can find something that you love — and it’s all part of the same family. I always welcome that.”

Underwood especially praises those artists who have created their own unique sound, even if it doesn’t sound like traditional country music.

“I love that people like Post Malone and Beyoncé and Jelly Roll, and people like that are artists first and foremost,’ Underwood praises. “They kind of weave in and out of different genres of music, and I think that’s really cool.”

Underwood shows off the diverse kind of music she likes on her own SiriusXM Carrie’s Country station, where she plays not only country music, but artists like Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and more.

“I can’t wait to welcome listeners into my personal musical universe, sharing my favorite music across all of the genres I love, from classic rock to the latest in country,” Underwood said when the channel was announced.

Underwood has since added Carr-dio by Carrie’s Country, a music workout channel, and Savior Sunday Daily, the latter all faith-based music, much like what she plays every Sunday on her Carrie’s Country station.

“I feel like people my age and older really did grow up singing hymns,” Underwood explains. “We go to church now, and everything is very praise and worship, which is wonderful, but I feel like there are a lot of people who have not experienced a lot of these hymns, or they’re not a part of their weekly life. So, I hope people that are like me, that grew up with them, can listen to them and feel the heart behind them. We wanted to make them sound fresh, but we didn’t want to change anything too much.

“So, I hope the traditionalists will enjoy it, but I also hope that people who haven’t experienced these songs as much can listen and feel, get that sense of home but enjoy what they’re listening to as well,” she adds.

Underwood has a lot of proverbial irons in the fire, including her music career, Las Vegas residency and more. But her favorite role is being a mom to her sons, nine-year-old Jacob, and Isaiah, five, whom she shares with her husband, Mike Fisher.

“The biggest thing is cutting myself some slack,” Underwood admits. “The juggle is real for parents. We’re running around trying to take care of ourselves. We’re trying to take care of our kids. We’re working, we’re juggling. But that’s all of us at the end of the day, right?”

Underwood has extended her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency throughout 2024. Her latest single,“Out Of That Truck, is currently in the Top 20. ” Find all of her music and upcoming shows at

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