Carrie Underwood Drops Pensive New Song, ‘Give Her That’ [LISTEN]

Carrie Underwood has another song from her forthcoming Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) album. The Grand Ole Opry member just released “Give Her That,” ahead of the record’s September 22 release date.

Underwood first released Denim & Rhinestones in June of 2022, 12 songs, including “Ghost Story” and “Hate My Heart” that Underwood said she released purely to have some fun with her fans.

“When I walked in to start making this album, it was like, ‘What do you want to do?’ My co-producer and co-writer, David Garcia, was like, ‘What do you want to do?” Underwood recalled on Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. “And I was like, ‘I just want to have fun.’ I feel like it’s needed. And we also spent two albums worth – we had our Christmas album, My Gift, the gospel album, My Savior, and it was in such a soulful place. And after that, I was just like, ‘I just want to have fun.’”

Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) includes Underwood’s current single, “Out Of That Truck,” which is in the Top 40.

“The inspiration behind ‘Out Of That Truck’ is basically just about the physical markers that somebody can leave behind in your life, and I feel like we’ve all got those to some extent,” Underwood explains. “Whether you’re walking through the house that you grew up in, and you see things of your parents or some book or piece of jewelry or something that it’s like, those things remind you of somebody. I feel like if you grew up in a small town like I did, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle.

“When I think back to friends or people that I dated or whatever, it’s kind of like you remember being with them in vehicles,” she continued. “And if you have something that you’ve had for a long time, you can definitely kind of look over to the seat next to you and almost see the other person there. So, that’s kind of what it’s all about — a love that is no more, but you’ve kind of left your mark everywhere.”

The mother of two is currently spending some time opening for Guns N’ Roses for select dates on their 2023 Global Tour.

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson


“I’ve been a massive GNR fan for pretty much my whole life. I’ve been able to sing with Guns N’ Roses and Axl [Rose] separately a few times … I think the things I look forward to most are obviously watching their show, and being around them,” Underwood said. “But it’s just such a fun vibe. Their fans are absolutely incredible and so supportive and just have been so much fun [in] everything that I’ve seen from them.

“But [I’m] also looking forward to just doing some things in our set list that I might not get the chance to do any other time,” she added. “I wanted to be me, but I also wanted to bridge the gap between me and Guns N’ Roses a little bit, so we’re just having a blast with it.”

Underwood previously released “Take Me Out,” also from Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition). She has added dates throughout 2023 to her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency, due to fan demand. Pre-order Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition), and find all of Underwood’s music and upcoming shows at