Home Free’s Rob Lundquist Details COVID Battle: ‘COVID Isn’t Fun’

Home Free recently was forced to postpone some of their shows in Iowa, Ohio and Michigan on their Dive Bar Saints Tour, after someone contracted COVID-19. Rob Lundquist reveals he is the one who contracted the virus, detailing his health battle in a video shared on social media.

“Turns out COVID isn’t fun,” Lundquist captioned the video. “I don’t recommend it. I started feeling symptoms on Sunday, got my days mixed up…I was gonna get the booster this week and got this instead. Big thanks to our agents/management to get the Dubuque, Cincinnati and Grand Rapids shows rescheduled for June.”

In the video, Lundquist shared more about his symptoms, and how he was feeling after being diagnosed with COVID.

“I’m sure you saw the Home Free post earlier this week, that we had to postpone our shows, due to COVID,” Lundquist said.. “I got bit with the COVID bugs somehow. I don’t know how it happened, but on Monday I started feeling symptoms, fever and headache and congestion. No taste or smell, which has been super duper weird. But I think I am through the worst of it. Fingers crossed.”

Lundquist also addressed the shows that had to be canceled due to his illness.

“I just wanted to apologize to all the Home Fries for the shows that were scheduled for this weekend,” said the singer. “I know that we were able to reschedule those shows in Dubuque and Cincinnati and Grand Rapids, so come on out in June, when I don’t have COVID. It will be much better. I know that I would much rather be doing that this weekend than being stuck in my basement any longer.”

Home Free revealed on social media that the Dubuque concert will now take place on June 3, while the Cincinnati show will take place on June 4, and the Grand Rapids show will occur on June 5.

“Thank y’all so much for bearing with us as we’ve dealt with this unexpected touring pause,” Home Free said. “But excitingly, we have new make-up dates to announce!!”

All of Home Free’s tour dates can be found here.

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