Luke Combs Announces the Release of ‘The Man He Sees in Me’

A new song is coming from Luke Combs. The singer-songwriter announces the release of “The Man He Sees in Me,” out on Thursday, June 6.

Combs announced the news on social media, sharing a clip of the song.

“’The Man He Sees in Me.’ Out THIS Thursday, June 6 at 4 PM ET,” Combs captioned the video.



Combs is being honored with a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Grand Ole Opry member’s life and career will be the subject of the new Luke Combs: The Man I Am exhibit, scheduled to open on July 11 and remain open until June of 2025.

“Once I decided I wanted to do music as a career, it didn’t matter if it was for 100 people or 1,000 people, I just wanted to be playing country music for anyone who would listen,” Combs said when the news was announced. “If I could have enough fans to call it a job, I was set. Other than that, I never dreamed of being featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, much less having my own exhibit; that was beyond my wildest dreams.

“But honestly, it’s all a credit to my fans, family, songwriters and team,” he continued. “I have only made it to where I am today because of them, and this honor is one of my most humbling yet. At my core I love country music and this exhibit is as prestigious of an honor as it gets.”

Combs is the proud father of Tex, who turns two later this month, and Beau, who was born last August. His family, which also includes his wife Nicole, sometimes travel with him, an especially challenging task since the couple chooses not to employ a nanny.

“It’s going to be a challenge because we don’t have nannies or any of that stuff,” Combs shared on Audacy‘s Superstar Power Hour. “We’ve thought about it, and it’s not a question of ‘Can we afford that?’ It’s a question of ‘Do we want that for our kids?’ And right now, at this time, I don’t think that’s something that we’re really interested in, because I want our kids to have as normal of a life as possible considering the circumstances. I’d rather them be riding bikes than riding a tour bus.”

Combs just released his latest single, “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma.” The song is part of a star-studded soundtrack from the upcoming Twisters film, which also includes music by  Jelly Roll with Alexandra KayKane BrownShania TwainThomas RhettMegan Moroney and more.

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