Luke Combs and Chayce Beckham Perform ‘Forever After All’ on ‘American Idol’

Luke Combs performed on the American Idol finale on Sunday night, May 23. The country music hitmaker performed his current single, “Forever After All” with finalist Chayce Beckham, who was ultimately crowned the winner of the show.

“Forever After All” is the sixth, and perhaps final, single from Combs’ sophomore What You See Is What You Get album.

“Forever After All” was inspired by Combs’ now-wife, Nicole, before the two tied the knot.

“Forever After All” is the first song I wrote in my house in Tennessee,” Combs previously shared. “I wrote it with Rob Williford and Drew Parker. It was one of those songs that we’ve been trying to hold back for a long time, and not play. We knew how much we loved it, and how much we thought people would like it. So I’m glad that everybody’s going to finally get a chance to hear it. It’s a continuance of the love story that you’ve heard in “Beautiful Crazy” and “Better Together.”

Combs shares his love story not only in the song, but also in the video, which shows footage of the couple’s gorgeous beachside wedding. For Combs, he doubts he would ever find the inspiration for love songs without Nicole.

“You could write a generic love song, and not to say it couldn’t be done, but my wife’s impact on my life has weighed heavily on the outcome of these songs,” Combs told The Tennessean of the love songs he has written “These songs wouldn’t exist without her. I don’t think I would’ve been in that headspace — or been comfortable saying those kind of things — without going through that.”

Combs wasn’t the only country artist who performed on the American Idol finale. Mickey Guyton also took the stage, to sing “Black Like Me” with finalist Alyssa Wray. Watch their performance here.

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