Noah Thompson On Succeeding For His Son: ‘He’s My Exact Reason For Doing This’

Noah Thompson has packed a lot of life into his 20 years. The Kentucky native was recently crowned the Season 20 winner of American Idol, competing week after week while missing his son, one-year-old Walker, whom he shares with his girlfriend, Angel. While Thompson hated being away from them, it was thinking of his little boy that inspired him to keep competing week after week on the reality TV talent show, even when he was homesick.

“He’s my exact reason for doing this,” Thompson tells Music Mayhem. “I mean, he is my motivation for all of it. He’s the thing I think about all the time and why I really wanna do this.”

Thompson spent time away from them while in Los Angeles filming Idol. Although grateful for the experience, and even more so after being crowned the champion, Thompson was relieved to finally be reunited with them after the season finale.

“I really needed that and I feel like they needed that too,” Thompson says. “Being around Walker, that kind of just gave me a boost to get back out here and just really start playing shows and doing all the things. I needed that, for real.”

Thompson is working hard at making music, and performing as much as possible. It’s a much different lifestyle than he had when he was a construction worker, one that is still requiring some acclimation on his part.

“It’s just a whole different lifestyle for all of us,” Thompson acknowledges. “Angel and me, we both kind of had a hard time with it, but we’re getting used to it. It’s different, but it is what it is. But it’s for the better and we both know that. It’s all moving in a positive way and that’s all that matters.”

With a kid and a soaring music career, the rising star is trying to balance creating the life of his dreams, while still being present in his young son’s life.

“I know I’m young and all, but having a kid does make it hard,” concedes the singer. “I do obviously miss him a lot of the time, especially with him being so young. I kind of had to miss some things while I was doing American Idol, so that was hard for me, but it felt so good to kind of get home and just reconnect that way.”

Thompson’s “One Day Tonight” single is available to download or stream here.