Scotty McCreery Releases ‘Red Letter Blueprint’: ‘It’s a Special Song’ [LISTEN]

Scotty McCreery‘s “Red Letter Blueprint” is out! The song, this one about his strong Christian faith, is from his new  Rise and Fall album, out on May 10.

“It’s just about how, every answer you need is right there in the Good Book, in the Bible,” the North Carolina native said at a recent media event. “I try to dive in and read the Word as best as I can. I’m like everybody who wishes they could do more, but it’s just that kind of song. ‘Hey, if life is going here, if life is going there,’ it applies to those right there. It’s a special song. I loved it when we were writing it. I love how it’s come out in the studio. I think folks will enjoy it.”

For the father of one, it’s important for him to maintain his faith, even amid his busy schedule.

“Faith, family, friends. Faith, how we stay with it — I try to do my daily devotions,” McCreery, who shared the powerful lyrics on social media, said. “I can’t say it’s every day, but I try. And then on Sundays, if I’m home, we go to Summit Church in Raleigh, which you can log on and watch on YouTube … It’s a little tougher when you work on weekends to actually get to church and be there. But we do try. It’s important. You have to keep it in the center part of your life.”

The title of Rise and Fall isn’t a song on the record, but rather something that is much more personal to the American Idol alum.

“I feel like we’re on the rise now, but I’ve fallen pretty low as well,” McCreery said. “I learned from every little part of that, and it helped me to know who I was as a person – let alone an artist. The rises and the falls helped craft these songs. They made this album what it is.”

McCreery has certainly had plenty of highs in recent years. He had a string of No. 1 hits, including the multi-week “Damn Strait,” sold-out tour dates, an invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry, and more.

“I’d like to say we’re just getting started,” McCreery told WNYT. “I hope I can do this the rest of my life. I know I’ll be doing music, whether five people show up or 5000, I’ll still have a guitar in my hand. There have been moments on stage where we’ll do guitar pulls with five different artists, and I’m the youngest guy there, but they’re all new artists and I’m the veteran on stage. Sometimes those moments are weird. We’ve lived a lot of life in the last 13 years of doing this.”

McCreery has a Top 10 hit with “Cab In A Solo,” the debut single from Rise and Fall. He’s also released “Can’t Pass The Bar,” “Slow Dance” and “Love Like This” from the new project. He will be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on April 20. Tickets are available at Find all of McCreery’s music and upcoming shows, and pre-order Rise and Fall, at