The Swon Brothers Have Carrie Underwood to Thank for Blake Shelton’s ‘Body Language’

Zach and Colton Swon, better known as The Swon Brothers, wrote the title track of Blake Shelton‘s Body Language album, out on Friday, May 21. But the song might not have ever made it to Shelton, if not for their friend, and fellow Oklahoma native, Carrie Underwood.

The Swon Brothers had been sending songs to Shelton’s longtime producer, Scott Hendricks, for more than 20 years, ever since they were kids just getting their start in the music business. They intended to keep “Body Language” for themselves, under a different name, but it was Underwood who suggested the name change, and that it could be good enough for another artist to record.

“So many things had to happen for this to end up as the title track of a Blake Shelton record,” Colton tells The Tennessean. “So, thank you, Carrie. And, when you have Blake Shelton telling you, ‘You guys are good enough,’ it gives you a boost of energy big enough to keep going another 20 years.”

The Swon Brothers, who sing with Shelton on the track, perhaps ironically, came in third on Season 4 of The Voice, on Shelton’s team. While they had no idea that Shelton would record “Body Language,” Hendricks says the song fits him well, as do the other 11 songs on the record.

“These songs fit him like a glove,” Hendricks says. “Our goal, every time out, is to be new and fresh. If you like Blake Shelton, you’re going to love this record. If you’re curious about Blake Shelton, this is a good record to satisfy your curiosity.”

Body Language is Shelton’s first album since Texoma Shore was released in 2017, and he definitely didn’t play it safe on the new set of tunes.

“[Body Language] is FINALLY here!!!” Shelton tweeted. “We’ve spent a couple years on and off working on this record, explored some new sounds and styles, and put something together that I’m glad we FINALLY get to share with y’all!!! Listen now wherever you get your tunes!”

Body Language is available at