Tim McGraw Offers Marital Advice: ‘Expect Fights’

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 24 years, so it’s safe to say the two have learned a few things over the years. For Tim, his biggest lesson, and one he is now passing on to others, is that it’s impossible to get along with your spouse all of the time — and that’s okay.

“Expect fights,” Tim shared with his record label. “Everybody fights. We all fight, but I think that the commitment to this is what you want out of life, and having that commitment, I want this to be my life, and sticking with it and not giving up on it I think is the biggest key. And certainly love and respect.”

Tim and Faith celebrated their anniversary on October 6, with the “I Called Mama” singer sharing a touching tribute to his wife.

“24 yrs…….These years have rushed by in a series of beautiful, painful and unexpected moments….” Tim wrote. “We have loved, laughed and cried through exciting, inspiring and heartbreaking events in our lives together. U have been a role model for 3 remarkable young women who have made me a better man than I ever thought I could be…..The future will surely hold more of all of these things. It only matters if I’m with you.

“It only works if I’m with you,” he continued. “My oxygen only exists if you’re by my side. Forever and always living and loving our way through anything.”

The parents of three grown daughters might have been together almost a quarter of a century, but Tim says his wife just gets better as the years go by.

“The older she gets, the better looking she gets, the smarter she gets, the dumber I get,” Tim quipped on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, speaking of his wife’s 53rd birthday last month. “I’ve done really well. This birthday has been a milestone, I think for us, just because of all that’s going on, and our kids moving out, our youngest daughter moving out. We’re going to be empty nesters here coming up. She’s stuck with me now.”

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