Alan Jackson Likes to Keep Christmas Very Traditional

Alan Jackson doesn’t want to change anything about how his family celebrates Christmas. The 62-year-old, who has three grown daughters with his wife, Denise, enjoys the holiday by carrying on the traditions his family has held for years.

“Christmas is pretty traditional,” Alan shares with his record label. “We don’t let anybody open any presents until Christmas morning, after Santa Claus comes. We don’t let them get up on their own and take off. Everybody has to wait and kind of get situated, and maybe have a cup of coffee, and then we start all of the regular Christmas morning activities, opening presents, taking pictures and video.

“We have music going,” he continues, “I try to keep Christmas music going in the background. I like to turn that on before I let them come down to the tree and everything.”

The music the country music superstar likes to listen to on Christmas is the same music he has been listening to for years.

“When we listen to Christmas songs, we put on the old ones that you grew up with, and the classic recordings,” Alan reveals. “From Gene Autry to Nat King [Cole], and all the guys, and Bing Crosby and everybody [are the] songs that we like to listen to at Christmas.”

Alan also enjoys the reason for the season — and the elaborate meal he always eats.

“Always try to remember Jesus’ birthday, and just the whole thing, and have a wonderful, big meal, almost like Thanksgiving four weeks later,” Alan says. “We have the same, pretty much – turkey, dressing, all the same kind of things. Sometimes we have family members in Tennessee, and sometimes just us or friends, and we always go home to Georgia prior to that .. [It’s a] pretty standard, lovely Christmas.”