Alexandra Kay Releases Cinematic ‘Skip This Part’ Video [WATCH]

Alexandra Kay made the story of her latest single, “Skip This Part,” come to life with the song’s official video, out now. In the video, Kay plays the director while two actors enact the “Skip This Part” storyline.

Kay spoke out about the video on social media, during a live video for the premiere.

“It was so hot in this room,” Kay shared. “And the actors were both so sweet … We put in so much time; that was such a long but really rewarding day for everybody, and everyone on the team was in it ”

The “Skip This Part” video features many of Kay’s own crew, along with her husband of one year, Indiana.

“Patrick Toehill was the director, and he was absolutely amazing to work with, and his entire crew was amazing to work with,” Kay boasted. “We’re going to be releasing a behind-the-scenes video in which you can see all of that, everything that went into that day, and all the hard work that everybody put in. We really do have a blast together. So much fun having the entire crew that has got me where I am in the video. Not the whole crew, but a lot of people that I love and care about.”

“Skip This Part” comes on the heels of Kay’s “I Kinda Don’t” track, which was inspired by her own feelings when she met her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

“I think it is such a mature take on that situation,” Kay said of the song, which she wrote with Ryan Robinette and Tana Matz. “Everybody’s been in a situation where they’ve had an ex that dated somebody else. And most of the time, that’s very uncomfortable. In the actual, real-life situation that I wrote about, it was very uncomfortable. But then the person was so sweet, and beautiful and kind and everybody loved her. Nobody had a bad word to say about her. It’s really hard to hate her.

“And so we really based the story on, if I were to see her in a bar, and this was a totally different situation, I feel like we could totally be friends,” she added. “But there’s always going to be that wedge between us, in the fact that we both loved the same person.”

Kay will serve as the opening act for Tracy Lawrence and Clay Walker for several dates on their joint  co-headlining tour this November. Find music and tour dates, as well as new “Skip This Part” merchandise, at