Carrie Underwood On Her ‘Denim & Rhinestones [Deluxe Edition]’: ‘I Live It’

Carrie Underwood‘s Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) will be out on Friday, September 22. Underwood added six new songs to her original Denim & Rhinestones album, which was released in 2022, song she wasn’t ready to part with quite yet.

“I live it,” Underwood shared on the Today Show. “I practice what I preach. We released the album, and there were a collection of songs that I felt like needed their time, needed their due. So we expanded. More denim. More rhinestones. More hairspray. More all of it.”

Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) includes Underwood’s current Top 40 single, “Out Of That Truck,” “Give Her That,” “Take Me Out,” and more. Underwood will perform new songs, as well as some of her former hits, when she returns for her  REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency at Resorts World Theatre, which was just extended into 2024.


“It’s really great to just look out on the audience,” Underwood said. “People come to Vegas to have a good time. People are from everywhere, all over the world. Wherever you’re from, it’s easy to get to Vegas, because so many people want to go. It’s just a blast, and we enjoy the show together.”

Underwood just wrapped up her run serving as the opening act for Guns N’ Roses on their  2023 Global Tour, embracing her rock side for all of the dates.

“This was also a worlds colliding moment,” shared the singer. “Our last show was in Nashville, and literally that morning we took our four-year-old to a baseball game, and I was sitting there watching four and five-year-olds play baseball, and then I went downtown and opened for Guns N’ Roses, as one does.”

Underwood is a proud mom to eight-year-old, Isaiah, and Jacob, four, who are only beginning to understand that their mother is a superstar.

“They have seen me on stage, and I feel like the first time my oldest especially started having ideas is when his friends would say something,” Underwood said. “It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s different. I didn’t know that wasn’t normal.’ They would come home and say, ‘They said they saw you on TV.’”

Underwood might be famous, but her day-to-day life is much like any other working mom, especially when she is off the road.

“The kids go to school,” Underwood said of her typical day. “My husband usually takes them, and the second they leave, I vacuum, I make their beds, check their rooms, and make sure there aren’t wet towels on the floor and stuff like that. Clean our room, go work out, garden. I’m always cooking something, or canning something, or doing something like that.

“I live in the kitchen, making bread or something,” she added. “And then before you know it, they come home, and then we make dinner. We have so many meals together as a family.”

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