Home Free and Jeffrey East Release Poignant ‘People’ Video: WATCH

Home Free and Jeffrey East just released the video for “People,” the group’s latest collaboration. The song, which says in part, “We’re all just people / Workin’ hard, putting food on the table / Throwin’ up prayers, trying to stay faithful / Long as we’re able / We’re all just human, makin’ mistakes / And love is what we do, man /  Just doin’ the very best we can, ’cause on the other side / He ain’t checking labels / We’re all just people ” is a timely message, now more than ever.

Home Free has released numerous collaborations over the years, including joining Lee Greenwood on “God Bless the U.S.A.” last year. Although the all-vocal group has been largely — and unfairly — snubbed by awards, in spite of their sales success, East hints that this song might be the one that finally gets them industry recognition.

“Dear [ACM Awards],” East, who penned “People,” tweeted. “I’m a pretty humble guy…but [Home Free] and myself might just be releasing the song of the year tonight at midnight. It may not make it to radio, but honestly, it really should. Fans…help us out here.”

Home Free plans to resume their Dive Bar Saints Tour later this year, after rescheduling the tour dates, sometimes more than once, due to the pandemic. But while they hate to be off the road, at least one of the members — Tim Foust — used some of his time at home to work on a solo project.

“Like everybody else, I found myself stuck at home indefinitely this last year, so I decided to capitalize on that unforeseen free time as much as possible,” Foust told Willy 98.7. “We’ve been aggressively recording in Home Free, and then on top of that, I started recording some of these songs that I had written, that hadn’t found a home anywhere else. I just decided to release them myself, so I started a Patreon campaign.

“I’ve been releasing everything exclusively to Patreon for now,” he adds. “But I’ll be releasing a solo album later this year, and I’ll put singles out on the various streaming sites as well.”

“People” is available for download here.

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